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What coworking spaces look like and how our way of working changes is described using the berlin based coworking space betahaus as an example.

Published by Akademiker Verlag



03/2010 - 04/2010 Research about the indoor air pollution problem.
Julika Welge and I traveled 7 weeks through India to research about the indoor air pollution problem. We were looking for projects which already do something against the indoor air pollution problem. First our aim was to design an alternative fire place for rural India. But while traveling and talking to engineers we found out, that the biggest problem is to spread the new fire places and to explain the danger for their health. For that reason we decided to do something to communicate this issue.



Cooking at open fire places can kill you and your children
using match boxes to communicate the problem of indoor air pollution to the people in rural India

More than half of the world’s population cooks with biofuels such as wood, coal, dung or agricultural waste. According to the World Health Organization, more people world wide die by gas emissions that arise from indoor cooking than from cigarettes. In India the number of people affected by such poisonous gas emissions is roughly 484 000 per annum. While cooking, parents and their children are exposed to these gases, which equal up to 60 cigarettes a day. This alarmingly high exposure rate and the environmental problems that accompany cooking with wood, coal or cow dung led us want to face the problem. During our research, we found there are many cookers available in India that either replace the fuel wood or at least improve its efficency. But as we discovered on site, the main problem is that people are not aware of their advantages. The local population - especially in rural areas - do not understand that cooking indoors at open fire places can cause fatal lung diseases. To efficiently reach these people in all areas of India, we decided to use matchboxes to spread our message.These matchboxes are ubiquitous and traditionally used to light cooking fires - even among the poorest families. Since there are several hundred different languages spoken in India, the issue is communicated with pictograms in simple images recognizable throughout India. On one side of the box, the problem is communicated, while on the other side cooking with biogas is proposed as a better solution. We consider biogas well suited for India, since the waste material is currently being burned in the streets and then could be used profitably. It would be better than cooking with solar energy since women could cook inside and even during the monsoon season.



This quartet was a guide to Hamburg`s design festival - presenting the participating design agencies in a playful way.
The design quartet of Hamburg was generated on the occasion of the design festival of Hamburg in 2006. It acted as a guide to the festival and for this purpose showed a wide range of Hamburg`s design scene.
It contains information about numerous fields of design: industrial design, fashion design, communication design and many others. Together with four other students we built up the "gestaltungsanliegen" team and interviewed 32 design offices that took part in the festival and that we wanted to display in our quartet.
Information like the number of employees and the founding year could be used to trump. The agencies answered the question "design is…?". Web addresses and pictures complete the quartet.